Once again… Hunting is hard. Two days in Dutchess and Kaaterskill

Posted on December 21, 2011


Well, yesterday marked the end of the 2011 New York State Big Game season. Sadly, I didn’t reach my goal of bringing home a second deer for food. On the other hand, in three months I went from someone who never hunted to someone with a pretty good amount of experience under my belt. I spent the better part of ten days in the woods this fall despite working a full-time job. That I’m proud of. I bought my first bow, and became somewhat proficient in it’s use. I learned to track, spot sign, and get a better understanding how deer move in the woods.

Honestly, I’m a bit worn out to give as full a writeup of last weekend as I normally would, but I will post the pictures and a bit about each. Unfortunately, in addition to losing my S95 the weekend before, the microSD card on my Droid X went TU on Sunday Afternoon so I lost basically all my pictures from both Dutchess and Kaaterskill mountain.

One of the incredible frozen waterfalls on on Kaaterskill:

Icicles on Kaaterskill:

The mountain was apparently thick with bear, and judging by the prevalence of bear sign, I buy it:

These are the first porcupine quills I saw out in the field:

Amazingly, that snow pile formed over the course of a few hours:

A nice whitetail rub spotted by my hunting partner:


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