Cooked and Cleaned my First Small Game: Cottontail Rabbit

Posted on January 8, 2012


Over x-mas break, I visited my family’s farm in northwest Iowa. There, my cousin bagged a nice a nice cottontail rabbit. Somewhat to my surprise, they generally would take the carcass and feed it to their cat. I was shocked. I wanted to eat the rabbit. He laughed, but obliged. I’d never cleaned a rabbit before, so, like any modern primitive hunter I went on YouTube and learned this guy’s trick:


It worked. I went from dead bunny to skinned and cleaned carcass quite quickly.

As you can see I had to get quite a bit of #8 shot out of the meat.

Surprisingly, my Aunt, a farmer’s wife, totally flipped out at the thought of me cooking a dead ‘bunny rabbit’ in her kitchen. Not out of fear of tularemia, but simply because eating a rabbit is “gross.” Oh well, it takes all kinds I guess. Thankfully, she came around, and I prepared a delicious Lapin a La Cocotte:

From 2012_01_08

It was delicious. The rabbit wasn’t gamey, but it was a bit overcooked. Oh well, for my first time cooking small game I’d give myself a B+