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Harbinger of the Void is Complete

November 21, 2016


When I got the can, the first thing I noticed was the weight, or rather, the lack thereof. The Ultra 7 weighs less than 10 ounces, which is amazing given the noise reduction and overall size.

2016-04-16 King33 Pistol Fundamentals & Principles

April 18, 2016


On Saturday, I took an 8 hr Pistol Fundamentals class offered by King33, the best tactical training facility in Connecticut. I’ve trained pistol at a more than a few different schools but I think that every school has unique features that can benefit even an experienced shooter. Also, the last defensive pistol class I took was in 2012, […]

2015-07-11: Final Prep for Africa

July 15, 2015


Three weeks before my planned departure to Africa I mounted my new Vortex scope. Obviously, I had to zero it, which I did on my first free Saturday. Unfortunately the ejecting brass couldn’t clear the windage knob thus I found myself in a slight pickle. I bought a higher DNZ mount, and it cleared well, […]

2015-06-07: Day Three and Recap of the 2015 Steel Safari

June 9, 2015


First things first. That was an incredible match. Zak and the rest of the Competition Dynamics match directors put on an excellent, albeit challenging match. Next, a big thanks to John Paul, who in addition to making fantastic rifles, was gracious enough to allow us to spend 3 days shooting steel on his property, and […]

2015-06-06: Day Two of the 2015 Steel Safari

June 6, 2015


Today was Day Two of the Steel Safari. From a technical standpoint, today was harder than yesterday. More wind, crazy shooting positions, and some very hard to find targets. Despite this, my score was quite a bit higher than yesterday. I didn’t shoot any better than I did yesterday, so I think the difference in […]

2015-06-05: Day One of the 2015 Steel Safari

June 6, 2015


Today was Day One of the 2015 Steel Safari. This is my first rifle match in roughly ten years and my first ‘long range field match’ ever. Zak Smith, one of the match organizers, taught me either directly or indirectly much of what I know about rifles and long range.  One of the friends I made […]

2015-05-09: Wolf Precision Long Range School

June 6, 2015


As I mentioned several weeks ago, this summer is shaping up to be very busy. If all goes well, I’ll complete two of my long-term goals: shooting my first long-range precision rifle match and going on my first safari. However, to offer the greatest chance of success at either I need to get my tools […]