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Once again… Hunting is hard. Two days in Dutchess and Kaaterskill

December 21, 2011


Well, yesterday marked the end of the 2011 New York State Big Game season. Sadly, I didn’t reach my goal of bringing home a second deer for food. On the other hand, in three months I went from someone who never hunted to someone with a pretty good amount of experience under my belt. I […]

Observations from a Treestand in Dutchess County

December 17, 2011


1) I was up in my treestand for about ten minutes before I remembered to put on my arrow release.¬† I saw nothing… Would have been embarrassing if I left it in the car and blew a ten pointer. 2) It’s late december, I’m in a treestand and I’m not cold, thanks Al Gore! 3) […]

Hunting a Monster Bear This Weekend

December 16, 2011


Last weekend, I was very close to the goal I set when I returned from Oregon. I saw two does, one on Saturday, one on Sunday. In each case, I could have had a full freezer if it wasn’t regular season. This weekend, however, is the grand finale of late season. Allowed implements are Muzzleloader, […]

15 Yards from a Deer, still no Venison…

December 15, 2011


Last Weekend I spent two days in the woods, in Dutchess and Greene counties. I’ve been lax in posting an update for two reasons, one, I lost my Canon S95 with all my photos from the weekend, and two, once again, I came home empty-handed. I don’t regret heading out, as it was the most […]

Spent Two Solid Days in Sterling: No Luck

December 8, 2011


Hunting isn’t easy. Even if you do everything right, sometimes you come up empty handed. Last weekend my friend and I rented a car, drove upstate, and hunted both Saturday and Sunday. I was equipped with a rifle, my friend with a crossbow. The first day was interesting in that we found a plethora of […]

Wish Us Luck: Headed Upstate for Deer this Weekend

December 2, 2011


Tomorrow, my hunting friend and I are taking a second swing at public lands in New York State. Our last foray was educational, but ultimately unsuccessful. This time though, we’re headed upstate this evening to ensure that we’re among the first folks in tomorrow morning. My friend did some serious scouting and has a few […]

Jackson Landers Takes a Nice Doe

December 1, 2011


I haven’t posted many outgoing links, but I thought Jackson Lander’s latest post, The Gully Doe, was worth sharing. As you may recall from an earlier post, Jackson Lander’s book taught me a lot about deer hunting and I was partially inspired to start TNJ by reading his blog. An excellent passage: The doe was […]