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Venison Stew

November 14, 2016


Last night we took the Venison Tri-Tip and made a stew. Totoro declared dibs on the scraps and Squeaky was only too happy to help. I used a vacuum marinator to speed up the marination process.

2016-11-13: Hunting Pheasant at Naugatuck State Forest

November 13, 2016


Five years ago, my first successful hunt was Pheasant at the Big K Ranch in Oregon. Since then, I’d gone out a few more times, but never on public land. One of my hunting buddies researched Connecticut’s fish and game policies. As it turns out Connecticut buys approximately 15,000 birds and places them on state lands […]

2016-11-10: Roasted Whitetail Backstrap for Dinner

November 11, 2016


As I mentioned last week, my friend sent me home with a nice venison backstrap from the doe he took. Having only cooked venison once before I was eager to try it a different way. Last time I sliced it into medallions and seared both sides in bacon fat. This time I decided to season […]

2016-04-02 Chukar/Pheasant Hunt

April 2, 2016


#BTC BaconTechCoffee

July 20, 2014


  BaconTechCoffee Two Shots of Espresso 2 Tbps rendered bacon fat 1 Tbps coconut oil 1/4 Tsp Lecithin Hot water to taste   Take the espressi, add bacon fat, add coconut oil, whisk with a hand blender until emulsified. Then add hot water to taste (about 1 cup).      

Training/Diet #8: Back to Strength

November 3, 2013


Re-re-starting strength

Training/Diet #7: Switching Gears to train for Tough Mudder

May 22, 2013


Recently I provided an update on my progress on my main lifts. As of 4/21/13, I’ve made progress on all my lifts but gotten stuck on a several. Despite the PR’s, my mass has only risen to the 172-176# range. Back Squat: 5RM 190# @ 174# (Form has issues) Bench Press: 5RM 126# @ 174# […]

Training/Diet #6: Slow and steady, New Gizmos

April 19, 2013


As of 4/1/13 my lifts were: Back Squat: 5RM 185# @ 172# Bench Press: 5RM 120# @ 172# Standing Press: 5RM 75# @ 172# Hang Power Clean: 5RM 80# @ 172# Deadlift: 5RM 267# @ 172# As of 4/18/13, I’ve made progress on all my lifts, yet my mass has remained nearly constant (fluxuating from […]

Long Hiatus, Big Changes Coming

March 29, 2012


So, the photo gallery I’d linked to in early posts went down a few weeks ago, taking all of my embedded images with it. Fortunately, I’ve re-uploaded all of my old photos, as well as some new ones to a new picasa web album. Also, there is now an associated G+ account. I will fix […]

Started Training, First Injury

January 10, 2012


Last weekend was simultaneously great, and disconcerting. I started out very well, I had fantastic Italian food Friday night. I had an excellent Brunch Saturday Morning. At noon, I took the train over to Brooklyn to check out Crossfit Virtuosity, a crossfit club owned by the Founder of Crossfit NYC, Keith Wittenstein. As far as […]