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2015-04-18 Practicing Archery with Friends in Brooklyn

April 19, 2015


Among the many downsides of living in a cramped apartment is the difficulty of practicing with my Mathews Z7. While I can credibly claim that I can hit a target the size of deer’s vitals at 25 yards at a range every single time, as anyone who has ever tried bowhunting can tell you, hunting ≠ […]

Once again… Hunting is hard. Two days in Dutchess and Kaaterskill

December 21, 2011


Well, yesterday marked the end of the 2011 New York State Big Game season. Sadly, I didn’t reach my goal of bringing home a second deer for food. On the other hand, in three months I went from someone who never hunted to someone with a pretty good amount of experience under my belt. I […]

Observations from a Treestand in Dutchess County

December 17, 2011


1) I was up in my treestand for about ten minutes before I remembered to put on my arrow release.  I saw nothing… Would have been embarrassing if I left it in the car and blew a ten pointer. 2) It’s late december, I’m in a treestand and I’m not cold, thanks Al Gore! 3) […]

Hunting a Monster Bear This Weekend

December 16, 2011


Last weekend, I was very close to the goal I set when I returned from Oregon. I saw two does, one on Saturday, one on Sunday. In each case, I could have had a full freezer if it wasn’t regular season. This weekend, however, is the grand finale of late season. Allowed implements are Muzzleloader, […]

Traditional Bow:Compound Bow::Golf Club:Rifle or Traditional Bow as the “Trick Shooting” of Bow

November 24, 2011


Saturday, after lunch, I went out with my friend, and two of his children to practice traditional bow. He lent me a 45 pound traditional recurve bow. At first, I tried shooting it like my Z7…that didn’t work too well. As someone fairly new to bow, I ignorantly assumed that “bows are bows.” Sure, some […]

First Foray onto New York State Hunting Lands

November 9, 2011


On Sunday Morning I got up at the earliest time of my entire life: 2:40 am. All so I could be in the Bronx by 4am, and in a hunting blind in Stewart Forest by 5:30am. Unfortunately, due to a combination of factors we arrived at 6am and both our primary and secondary spots had […]

Getting the Gear Dialed In

November 6, 2011


The past few weeks this blog hasn’t been super active. I’ve been mainly getting ready for hunting season. Every morning and evening, I’ve been practicing with the bow to rebuild my shoulder strength. Diet and Sleep have been pretty wholesome. One goal since coming back to the city was finding other hunters to partner up […]

Rage 2’s

November 1, 2011


Now all the bow needs is a tune up and a skillful owner.

I’m Certified to Bow Hunt in NYS

October 23, 2011


At about 8:15 am, 40 wannabe bowhunters rendezvoused at a rundown hospital building in the Bronx to get qualified to bow hunt in the state of New York. The hospital hasn’t seen real patients for years, and now primarily exists as a methadone clinic. When I was milling about beforehand, I asked some of the […]

Hit a Significant Milestone Today

October 23, 2011


The Z7, even adjusted down to I its minimum draw weight is still at the upper edge of what I can handle.  I’ve started slow, practicing twice a day. When I first purchased the bow, I could only pull once before resting my shoulders. Now after only a week, I can draw five times consecutively […]