Observations from a Treestand in Dutchess County

Posted on December 17, 2011



1) I was up in my treestand for about ten minutes before I remembered to put on my arrow release.  I saw nothing… Would have been embarrassing if I left it in the car and blew a ten pointer.

2) It’s late december, I’m in a treestand and I’m not cold, thanks Al Gore!

3) I figured out what noise I made to alert the doe last weekend.  When you shift your weight on this tree stand, it creaks quite notably…a challenge with double stands I’d imagine.

4) Bowhunting from a stand almost always means a high angle shot…something I’ve never practiced. Also depending on the stand, it means leaning out of the stand so that the bow clears the metal bits. As if the point of safety harnesses wasn’t clear already, I “totally get it.”


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