2015-04-05 Testing the Accuracy International AT in 6.5 Creedmore

Posted on April 5, 2015


Back in 2011, I went out to Oregon to take my first long range precision rifle class. I wrote about it here and immediately decided that I wanted to get into the sport. Work being work, and life being life, it took me some time to follow up. Last spring, I mentioned that I wanted to shoot the Steel Safari and so I shot a 2-day “Practical Field Shooting Workshop,” again with the TBAC crew.

Despite having pre-ordered the Accuracy International AT, I couldn’t make it to the 2014 Steel Safari.

When I had it built I opted for the “buy once, cry once” model:

AI AT in 6.5 Creedmore

AI AT Folder in Green
Hensoldt ZF 3.5-26 Scope
ERA-TAC 36mm Mount
LRA Ultra Light Scout Bipod
26″ Bartlein Barrel chambered in 6.5 Creedmore

My goal was to build a rifle that could never be blamed if I missed a shot.

I am taking a 3-day Precision Rifle Class in May taught by Wolf Precision as a refresher prior to this year’s Steel Safari.
Before any courses or matches, however, I needed to break-in the rifle and zero the scope.

Zeroing the rifle:

View through the scope at 26x:
Zeroing Target

For the mathematically inclined, the distance between the hashmarks is 0.5 mrad. Given that the squares are 1″, how far is the target?

After getting the rifle zeroed, I cleaned it.

For the first time, I used a Dewey Bore Saver Rod Guide, made cleaning much more enjoyable:

Dewey Rod Guide

My time on the line was brief, so I didn’t get a chance to group the rifle, but that will be next time…


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