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2016-04-16 King33 Pistol Fundamentals & Principles

April 18, 2016


On Saturday, I took an 8 hr Pistol Fundamentals class offered by King33, the best tactical training facility in Connecticut. I’ve trained pistol at a more than a few different schools but I think that every school has unique features that can benefit even an experienced shooter. Also, the last defensive pistol class I took was in 2012, […]

Thunder Beast Arms #205 Practical Field Shooting Workshop Review

March 5, 2014


I started this blog back in 2011, mainly to remember a major trip to Oregon. The pretense for the trip was Thunder Beast Arms’ Practical Field Rifle 101 Course. Basically, I signed up for three days of serious practical long range shooting. With a day on each end of the trip to travel to and […]

Went Shooting in Charlotte

April 1, 2013


North Carolina is a pretty nice state, decent gun laws, good hunting lands, friendly people. I decided to take advantage of my brief visit for the Spartan Race to hit one of the local ranges with some friends. The weather was cold and wet so we went to the steel range and set up a […]

Gearing up for the Fall Season

August 29, 2012


Didn’t post much this summer. Honestly, between work and my personal life, I didn’t get much time to devote to hunting. Now, however, it’s late August, meaning New York State’s hunting season is opening soon. I’m getting excited, hopefully, I’ll take the lessons I learned last year and succeed in getting my first Whitetail.  A […]

Hunting Season is Over…Time to Start Getting Ready for Hunting Season

January 10, 2012


2011 was an incredibly educational year. I took my first deer, I learned to field dress multiple species, cooked several types of game meat, learned the basics of bow. Now I’ve got roughly 9 months to prepare for this coming fall. I have a few major goals: Be stronger than I was back in 2009 […]

Traditional Bow:Compound Bow::Golf Club:Rifle or Traditional Bow as the “Trick Shooting” of Bow

November 24, 2011


Saturday, after lunch, I went out with my friend, and two of his children to practice traditional bow. He lent me a 45 pound traditional recurve bow. At first, I tried shooting it like my Z7…that didn’t work too well. As someone fairly new to bow, I ignorantly assumed that “bows are bows.” Sure, some […]

Still a “Cook” plus Gunshow Roadtrip

November 15, 2011


Although I like quite a bit about Manhattan, one of the aspects I miss of New Hampshire was the ability to teach novices gun safety and marksmanship almost every weekend. In total, I took about a hundred classmates of mine from business school through the basics, with an emphasis on practical marksmanship. Manhattan, due to […]

Appleseed Rifleman Class at Westside Tonight

November 11, 2011


I was supposed to go bowhunting upstate tomorrow, but one of my hunting partner’s sons is in the hospital with an allergic reaction, so we decided to postpone. That opened up going to a last minute Appleseed* course at Westside Rifle and Pistol. Unfortunately, the class was full, so I reached out to the instructor […]

Getting the Gear Dialed In

November 6, 2011


The past few weeks this blog hasn’t been super active. I’ve been mainly getting ready for hunting season. Every morning and evening, I’ve been practicing with the bow to rebuild my shoulder strength. Diet and Sleep have been pretty wholesome. One goal since coming back to the city was finding other hunters to partner up […]

Hit a Significant Milestone Today

October 23, 2011


The Z7, even adjusted down to I its minimum draw weight is still at the upper edge of what I can handle.  I’ve started slow, practicing twice a day. When I first purchased the bow, I could only pull once before resting my shoulders. Now after only a week, I can draw five times consecutively […]