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Training/Diet Update #2: No pain from lifting!

November 27, 2011


Although I alluded to the reasons here, I never really explained why I’m not doing a formal exercise regimen like Starting Strength or CrossFit (two modalities that worked well for me before). Long story short, I broke my left shoulder twice and separated my right shoulder once. Each time I broke my shoulder, I had […]

Hit a Significant Milestone Today

October 23, 2011


The Z7, even adjusted down to I its minimum draw weight is still at the upper edge of what I can handle.¬† I’ve started slow, practicing twice a day. When I first purchased the bow, I could only pull once before resting my shoulders. Now after only a week, I can draw five times consecutively […]

Training/Diet Update

October 19, 2011


First things first… Bows and Rifle are very different. With a modicum of training, a 12 year-old kid can be taught to punch tight groups at 500 yards with a scoped rifle. Yet that same person would likely not be able to draw a seventy-pound hunting bow. Given two days, I could take almost anyone […]