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Training/Diet #6: Slow and steady, New Gizmos

April 19, 2013


As of 4/1/13 my lifts were: Back Squat: 5RM 185# @ 172# Bench Press: 5RM 120# @ 172# Standing Press: 5RM 75# @ 172# Hang Power Clean: 5RM 80# @ 172# Deadlift: 5RM 267# @ 172# As of 4/18/13, I’ve made progress on all my lifts, yet my mass has remained nearly constant (fluxuating from […]

25 Lbs. of Meat: My Cured Venison Finally Arrived.

November 29, 2011


As Shipped: 25 pounds of Venison summer sausage and pepperoni: At this point I could probably survive the winter on cured meats plus the contents of my freezer. TheNouveauJäger

Training/Diet Update #2: No pain from lifting!

November 27, 2011


Although I alluded to the reasons here, I never really explained why I’m not doing a formal exercise regimen like Starting Strength or CrossFit (two modalities that worked well for me before). Long story short, I broke my left shoulder twice and separated my right shoulder once. Each time I broke my shoulder, I had […]