2015-06-06: Day Two of the 2015 Steel Safari

Posted on June 6, 2015


Today was Day Two of the Steel Safari.

From a technical standpoint, today was harder than yesterday. More wind, crazy shooting positions, and some very hard to find targets. Despite this, my score was quite a bit higher than yesterday. I didn’t shoot any better than I did yesterday, so I think the difference in score was mostly a result of finding targets faster and wasting less time getting into a shooting position.

Precision Field Target (or whatever you call this discipline) has a lot of trade-offs. One such trade-off is the choice of shooting aids. I brought Stoney Point shooting sticks. Most other shooters brought shooting tripods. The shooting sticks are much lighter than tripods, but the difference in stability is massive. Next time, I’ll deal with the extra weight and carry a tripod. That said, hiking six miles in >90 F weather carrying a 20 pound rifle, every ounce that you can cut from the pack counts. During the nine stages I shot today, I drank about 3 liters of NUUN water.

The hike to the first stage:

01-DSC00200 02-DSC00201 03-DSC00202 04-DSC00203

New Mexico has fantastic scenery:

05-DSC00204 06-DSC00210 07-DSC00211 08-DSC00212

Back on the home range getting ready to shoot the final stage of the day:09-DSC00213

Match director Zak Smith used a KTM 500 EXC to keep the match going. That bike is a beast:

10-DSC00198 11-DSC00205 12-DSC00206_fixed 13-DSC00207_fixed 14-DSC00208_fixed 15-DSC00209_fixed


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