Went Shooting in Charlotte

Posted on April 1, 2013


North Carolina is a pretty nice state, decent gun laws, good hunting lands, friendly people.

I decided to take advantage of my brief visit for the Spartan Race to hit one of the local ranges with some friends.

The weather was cold and wet so we went to the steel range and set up a plate rack.

I borrowed a trick 1911 in 9mm. My friends largely shot their carry guns (Glock 19’s are popular).

Running a drill on a plate rack:

Given how recently I’d practiced and how cold it was, I did “okay.”

Afterwards we went to a 300 yard range and played around with a few rifles: A Steyr Scout in 308, a custom precision rifle in 308, and an AR-15.

When properly doped, shooting the custom rifle from a bipod was basically cheating at 300 yards. One of my friends had never fired beyond 100 yards nor had he used a custom rifle like that, so being able to hit a 6″ metal plate at 300 yards was a pretty novel experience for him.

The Steyr Scout was a beautiful rifle. Quick to operate, incredibly light and handy. Shooting it from the bench felt somehow wrong, so I rang a gong at 300 from Sitting. I think I could have shot it a bit better if I was able to adjust the sling, but the ching sling required a screwdriver (odd?) to adjust.

The AR-15 was great, nothing too crazy, just a reliable general purpose rifle. One downside to 223… detecting the hits on the 300 yard gong was surprisingly difficult.

Here are some pictures:

March 24, 2013 Charlotte Rifle and Pistol Practice

I would be nice to be able to get more regular practice in.


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