Not going to be cold this year.

Posted on September 6, 2012


Last year, I tried to get by without buying proper cold weather apparel. That was not smart. I ended up wearing 8 different layers under a camo windbreaker. It was fine for stalking, but sitting in a treestand in 20 degree weather I froze and vowed not to make the same mistake twice.

Following my conversation with Mark last week I ordered a bunch of gear.

I bought the Cabela’s Bowhunter Xtreme SST Parka, Cabela’s Ultra Pack Microdown Vest, and three base layers, a Sitka for warm weather, a general purpose Merino Wool, and a full set of Underarmor ColdGear for cold hunts. I also got my Muddy Outdoors Stand and five Muddy Climbing Sticks.

I was concerned that maybe I bought the Parka too small to properly layer, but it fit perfectly over my base layer and microdown vest, in my 70 degree apartment I started sweating almost instantly. This season, I may not succeed in getting a deer, but at least I won’t be cold.


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