Training/Diet Update #3: Back on the Wagon

Posted on April 6, 2012


Back in Early January… I started to get serious about GPP, watching my diet and training more regularly…and quite promptly developed a nasty case of tendonitis. Fortunately, with Ice, Omega-3 Fish Oil, and Rest, the pain went away very rapidly, and hasn’t returned.

First thing I did was reduce the draw weight on my Z7 to the level it was when I purchased it.

I’ve gotten considerably better than when I first bought the bow. Previously, I was happy to get all the arrows in a circle… now I’m aiming and hitting the smaller squares:

From 2012_03_24

Eventually, at the range I’m shooting, I’d like to be able to consistently hit inch squares.

On the strength training side, I joined a cheap basement gym in my neighborhood:

From 2012_03_24

I joined Fitocracy to track my progress. So far, I’m going for Rippetoe’s A/B Schedule, modified for my shoulder.


  • Barbell Squat 3×5
  • Barbell Standing Press 3×5
  • Barbell Deadlift 3×5


  • Barbell Squat 3×5
  • Barbell Decline Bench Press 3×5
  • Barbell Deadlift 3×5

I’m not truly doing the Starting Strength program as I’m not doing GOMAD. Last time I did that back in 2009, I got so fat that I needed to buy new clothes. I was really strong (for me) though.

Currently, I’m combining eating nearly archevore with intermittent fasting. I’ve gone from 162 lbs when I started two weeks ago to ~157 lbs.

My tentative plan is to continue to do SS and IF until I start to fail on all the main lifts. Without the massive calorie and protein boost of GOMAD, I can see that happening sooner than later. Today, I failed on standing press. On Facebook I rather angrily posted the Y U NO guy in reference to my lack of gains on that lift. Oh well 🙂

After I fail on the main lifts. I will probably reset, and raise my food/protein intake big time. I’d like to re-test my all-time PR’s by July, which sounds reasonable.

Also, on Bow, I raised the poundage of the bow by 2.5# and I’m still good (although drawing it after a hard lift ain’t easy).


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