Would Anyone Buy Cold Weather Practical Pistol Gloves?

Posted on January 10, 2012


Operating pistols under time pressure in very cold weather is hard. As your fingers get cold, they slow down, making achieving sub-100 ms splits very hard.

About 4 years ago I had an idea for a product, with a very limited expected market size.

Right now, there are gloves for warm weather, which offer good dexterity, and gloves for cold weather, which have terrible dexterity. Since USPSA is a game of fine motor skills, bulky gloves are out of the question. In cold weather, regular thin gloves (think driving gloves) don’t offer enough warmth.

My idea was for a pair of shooting gloves designed for USPSA-style shooting in freezing weather. Stuff like 3gun in Finland. They would be very thin, but have carbon heating elements in in every finger. The pad of the trigger finger would be very very thin, offering near perfect trigger feel. Rather than having the power source in the wrists like most electric gloves (a terrible place to place weight for a pistol shooter), they would have leads long enough travel to go to a unit that you could put in your pack or clip to your shooting belt.

I talked with a few glove companies about the idea at the SHOT show. Most felt that the market of subzero-USPSA shooters was too small. They might be right. People say, “wouldn’t this be a good idea for LEO/military?” To which I respond, “No.” For a Competitive Shooter, the battery pack would only need produce 30 minutes of very high heat. For a military/LEO, the battery life would need to be measured in hours… a major challenge with current storage techniques.

Anyway, think this is a Kickstarter worthy idea?


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