Hunting Season is Over…Time to Start Getting Ready for Hunting Season

Posted on January 10, 2012


2011 was an incredibly educational year. I took my first deer, I learned to field dress multiple species, cooked several types of game meat, learned the basics of bow.

Now I’ve got roughly 9 months to prepare for this coming fall.

I have a few major goals:

  1. Be stronger than I was back in 2009 (by extension, ever)
  2. Improve my physical conditioning to my 2009 levels
  3. Be able to put every arrow from my Z7 into a tennis ball sized group from 30 yards under any condition, on demand
  4. Be able to comfortably draw my Z7 at it’s factory weight of 60 pounds
  5. Help my friend make his 16 acres in the Catskills as huntable as possible (e.g. creating funnels, setting up cameras, placing treestands)
  6. Turn at least two of my non-hunting friends into hunters
  7. Become friends with at least two hunters
  8. Buy my winter hunting gear during the off-season (basically ASAP)
  9. Rejoin an MMA school to improve my stand up skills
  10. Become a Rifleman
  11. Continue expanding the palette of cooking techniques and ingredients I’m comfortable working with

I will mostly focus on these issues until the next hunting season.


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