Appleseed Rifleman Class at Westside Tonight

Posted on November 11, 2011


I was supposed to go bowhunting upstate tomorrow, but one of my hunting partner’s sons is in the hospital with an allergic reaction, so we decided to postpone. That opened up going to a last minute Appleseed* course at Westside Rifle and Pistol. Unfortunately, the class was full, so I reached out to the instructor via email and told him about my background and interest in marksmanship. He called me right back, we had a good chat, and he invited me.

The thought of shooting Ruger 10/22’s at 50′ honestly doesn’t do much for me unless I’m teaching, hunting, or competing, but it’ll be a good opportunity to meet other like-minded folks and perhaps become qualified to teach Appleseed camps in the future.


*In case you’ve never heard of it, Appleseed courses are intensive two-day workshops that combine history, marksmanship, and shooting to give non-shooters the fundementals to hit an 18″ target at 400+ yards, with a rack grade rifle. Since 400 yard ranges are uncommon and the class supplies the rifles and ammo, instead they teach on a 25 yard reduced course with Ruger 10/22’s and reduced sized targets.

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