First Foray onto New York State Hunting Lands

Posted on November 9, 2011


On Sunday Morning I got up at the earliest time of my entire life: 2:40 am. All so I could be in the Bronx by 4am, and in a hunting blind in Stewart Forest by 5:30am. Unfortunately, due to a combination of factors we arrived at 6am and both our primary and secondary spots had been camped by other hunters. Recognizing that success would be equal parts luck and skill, we found a spot about 15 yards downwind from a deer trail where we set up a blind. For the next two and a half hours we sat quietly, had some time to reflect, and saw nothing.

After the morning, we did some additional scouting, went into town for provisions (I bought a set of archer’s gloves and a nice reversible camo/blaze orange poly hat). I was a bit bummed to see that a place as well stocked as Gander Mountain didn’t have the 7mm Rem. Mag ammo I was looking for (although they had the ammo in 30-06 and 300 Win. Mag).

After lunch, we returned to Stewart to try to jump bucks in one of the many corn fields present. With three hunters, we walked in what was essentially a staggered line.

In theory if hunter one spooked a Buck, that would drive him towards hunter two or three. I was hunter two in this situation. Unfortunately, the corn was so dry, that there was no ‘stealthy’ way to pass through the corn stalks so most of the deer (if any) probably fled the moment we entered the field. Ah well.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t stick around for sunset, but we did get to play around with a cool electronic caller for when we go coyote hunting.

While we were ultimately unsuccessful in getting our quarry, it was good to get out of the city and whet my appetite for east coast hunting.


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