Training/Diet Update

Posted on October 19, 2011


First things first… Bows and Rifle are very different. With a modicum of training, a 12 year-old kid can be taught to punch tight groups at 500 yards with a scoped rifle. Yet that same person would likely not be able to draw a seventy-pound hunting bow. Given two days, I could take almost anyone and give them the skill to hit the vital zone of a deer inside a hundred yards from a field position with a scoped rifle. Most bowhunters spend months learning proper form and technique to hit a vital sized target from 30 yards away.

In short: Bow is hard.

Getting ready to hunt with bow for me means three things right now.

1) Rebuilding the strength in my shoulders (atrophied from several severe injuries and surgeries).

2) Gaining the mechanical skills possessed by most archers.

3) Getting the bow properly fitted and adjusted to fit me.

The first is pretty straightforward. I’m restarting the Diesel Crew modality. I’m firing the bow a few times in the morning and evening into my new block:


Lastly, I’m moving my diet from about 50% archevore to about 90% archevore. Archevore is a term coined by one of my favorite nutrition/scientist/diet people, Dr. Kurt Harris. Without going into excessive detail, it’s a diet that cuts out most of the neolithic agents of disease: Gluten, Fructose, and Plant Oils. It has much in common with the maligned “paleo” and “caveman” (oh how I hate that term) diets but has more solid science and reasoning behind it.

Why the focus on neolithic agents of disease?

Here’s a helpful venn diagram:

What to eat instead? Venison, sweet potatoes, ghee, coconut milk, spinach, Fage Total, wild salmon. Until I’m calibrated, I’ve been using Calorie Counter to track my kcal and macronutrients.

On the exercise front, I plan to start slow (starting every other day rather than 3-on-1-off. On diet, I started yesterday.