Just Bought My First Bow: a Mathews Z7

Posted on October 16, 2011


Following my trip to Pro-Line last week, I was chatting with my friend who is a serious bowhunter. When I told him I was going to buy a bow and was considering a low-end “starter bow” he kiboshed the idea and offered to sell me his old bow, a 2010 Mathews Z7, and everything I’d need to hunt, except skill.

This morning I drove two-hours north to test the bow out. Wow. I could tell on the first draw that this bow and I are going to do some great things in the field together.

In terms of the setup, the previous owner really decked the bow out, QAD Ultra Rest HD, Spot Hogg 5-pin Hunter Sight, Axion 5″ Stabilizer, Scott double-caliper release, Easton A/C/C Pro Hunter arrows. Currently, I’m fairly clueless when it comes to why all those things are good, but the quality inherent in the Sight and Rest are plainly obvious.

Today I fired around 10 arrows, which is probably all I’d want to fire per day given the draw weight relative to the condition of my shoulders. I’m restarting my shoulder rehab modality, so that will also help.

Also, I quickly learned a valuable lesson about string slap and proper form (the upper bruise is from Wednesday):

Honestly, I expected to spend a long time hunting with rifle before experimenting with with bow, but due to the crazy laws and regulations around New York City, as well as the fact that I have a potential mentor who is a serious bowhunter makes bow a straightforward choice.


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