Adding a New Tool to the Toolkit: Bow

Posted on October 14, 2011


I’m still rather new to the hunting scene, but my brief perusal of the NY State Fish and Game Laws tells me one thing.

Want to hunt deer and live in Manhattan? Buy a bow:

About six months ago I fooled around with a bow at a local archery range/proshop Pro-Line Archery. Had a good time, the Managers, Joe and Guy are seriously incredible bowmen. Guy’s daughter taught me how to properly stand, draw, and shoot bow.

Last night after work, I took MTA about an hour out to Ozone Park to see what kind of bow would suit my needs.

After chatting with Guy, Joe, and Neil for a while and drawing a few bows, I rented one of their bows to send a few arrows down range.

A good group… if this was at 25 yards (hint: it wasn’t):

Lot of similarities between bow and shooting rifle offhand. If you do the same thing again and again, the arrow/bullet will go in a similar place every time. Funny how that is. As a novice, bow is harder, as the “lock time” for a bow is very long relative to a rifle. This means that follow through is even more important with a bow than a rifle.

Following the range trip I touched base with a few of my hunting mentors for bow advice. All the advice was pretty similar: Buy a nice Matthews, Hoyt, or Bowtech and just shoot it.

So I’ve got a Cabela’s arrow block and hunting pack on order and I’m pricing out a good set up.


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