Caught a Big Coho Today

Posted on October 10, 2011


Today I went on a fishing trip with Larry, Quintin’s Father. We fished the umpqua river from an aluminum driftboat. Fishing was very chill. I cast the line, I reeled it in, et cetera. This was my first time fishing as an adult, but it was more or less how I remembered it. What I didn’t remember was my line getting jerked by something strong. I jerked right back and set the hook. Then I reeled and reeled until I had a huge (by my standards) Coho Salmon. Larry netted it, but the darned fish got all tangled up in the net. After untangling it we looked it over closely. Unfortunately, it had an intact “Adipose Fin.” The same ODFW regulation that messed with Pearl’s catch, messed with mine as well. Oh well, Larry took a nice photo of me and my big fish.

The fact that ODFW regulations make it remarkably hard to keep any fish reminded me of this bit by Mitch Hedburg:

Here there are all these Coho swimming their way upstream for a big meeting and I suddenly swoop in and detain them for 15 minutes. I’m like the TSA of the Coho population.

After we finished inspecting the carry on luggage of the Coho, we tossed it back in the river.

That was the only fish I caught, but that’s okay, eventually I’ll catch dinner.


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