Welcome to the Moist Temperate Coniferous Forest (I Mean Jungle)

Posted on October 4, 2011


The first thing to note about the Big K is that it’s truly in the middle of nowhere. My flight out of long beach was delayed, so I didn’t land in Portland until about 9:50pm. With one brief stop to grab a snack, I arrived at the Big K Lodge at 1:30pm. The drive itself was mostly a straight shot down the Five until the last 45 minutes. Then it was a very foggy and wet forest highway. I could tell in dry conditions it would have been very fun on a motorcycle, beautiful 70 mph sweepers.  Anyway, since I was arriving so late, the staff of the Big K gave me some directions once I arrived at the edge of the property.

Once you reach the Big K, the final four miles is a gravel road. I could tell it would have been perfect for a Rally stage, but given the fog, animals, and unfamiliarity I drove very slowly… which was good. During some of the hairpins I noticed they installed blue and red cat’s eyes to discourage folks from driving off the steep embankments. About half way to the lodge I saw a pair of cats eyes, only they were silver, and they were moving, I immediately slowed to a walking pace. Blacktails, a whole big mess of Blacktails, mostly Does and Fawns, I didn’t see any bucks, but it was very dark. I watched them stot away.  About 5 minutes later I saw three more Blacktails, again a Doe with two Fawns.  Needless to say, I’m excited.

Alright, off to bed. Long day ahead.


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